Guild of Bioengineering Bioner is a student organization at Tampere University of Technology. Bioner aims at bringing bioengineering students together, safeguarding their interests, and offering a variety of activities and services to them.


Commendable bioners can now be viewed on Guild’s website

People that have merited in the guild's activities over the years can now be found on the Guild's website. The Guild awards the Paavo of the Year -title annually to one exemplary bioner, some commendable members are awarded with a badge of merit during the annual anniversary gala, and especially commendable bioners can be awarded the Guild's honorary membership. The list of these commendable...

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New teekkaris have been dipped

Bioner fuksis of 2017 have been finally dipped into (bio)teekkaris. On Mayday, May 1st 2018, Bioner stood in the dipping queue for a good four hours. The fuksijäynä in the Jäynä competition fuksi series didn't go too well, so Bioner fuksis were the last to be dipped. That was not enough to stop the fun and the hype of Bioner fuksis was really something else. The fuksis were heard repeatedly...

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The officials for Bioner board 2018 have been chosen!

Bioner's main board of 2018 has chosen many hard-working officials to lead Bioner by their side. The officials are: Alumni Official: Jari Väliaho Hostess’ right hand: Erika Seppälä Excursions: Kerttu Ojala Fuksi Official for the spring: Aarni Joensuu Householder’s right hand: Paavo Virtanen IT Official, : Aarni Joensuu International Affairs: Karim Ameziane Sports Official:...

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Bioner’s, Skilta’s ja Biopsi’s Kyykkä Tournament

The traditional kyykkä tournament between Bioner, Skilta and Biopsi is here again! As previously, teams from the three guilds will compete against each other in the game of kyykkä to find out who has the fiercest players. The tournament will be held 15.1. at Takaparkki kyykkä fields starting at 14.00 and ending once the winner has been selected. Afterparty for the tournament will be at...

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